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Island Time Merino fingering wt

This super soft 100% superwash Merino Wool is steamed to give a pearly sheen and twisted well to give great durability and bounce. It is the perfect yarn for pretty much anything from hats and gloves to sweaters and scarves. LE = Limited Edition WCM = West Coast Musing

Island Time Merino worsted wt

This Merino wool yarn is a chunky worsted wt that is leaning towards aran wt at 200 yards per 115gm skein. Being superwash, it is easy care....even safe for the washer and dryer ...and with a really tight twist this Merino yarn gives great stitch definition and holds it shape well. Great for knitting up sweaters, hats, scarves, slippers,....and the list goes on! The West Coast Musings (WCM) are the collection of yarns in which I layer the dyes to create unpredictable and wonderful shadings and depths of colour. The tonals have variations in depth of colour throughout the skein - sometimes soft and sometimes strong and is more interesting knit/crocheted up than a solid dyed yarn. Worsted wt 185m/ 200 yards/115 gm skein. 17-20 sts/4" 4.5-5mm It is excellent yarn for knitting, crochet and weaving (warp and weft). LE = Limited Edition WCM = West Coast Musings

The Ultimate Merino Sock Yarn

I am so in love with this sock yarn!!!! The Ultimate Merino Sock Yarn is an awesome soft yet durable yarn base that is similar in thickness to the "Island Time" Merino - with 20% nylon added. It makes a soft and comfy sock. This blend is as soft as the "Island Time" and holds it's shape better for socks'll want a pair for every day.

Tussah Silk Merino Blend

This gorgeous yarn is a 25/75 blend of Tussah silk and the finest Merino wool. The colourways just shimmer in the light with the silk and wool picking up the dye differently making each skein even more unique than usual. The Tussah silk gives a crunchy feel to the yarn while knitting and more body than mulberry silk. Beautiful drape. 390-395yds 95 gms Fingering wt 2.25-3.25mm US3 28sts-32rows/4"

Studio Edition Merino worsted wt

Natural dyes on wool

These are 100% Merino Wool (superwash) that have been dyed in small batches in rich natural colours...using 100% natural dyes. Since a lot of heat for quite a duration is needed for such depth of natural colour, and sometimes overdyeing as well, the yardage varies between skeins. 370 yds for fingering wt and 225 yds for sport wt is the standard from the mill and since I can't count the yardage on every skein I have used that number for the skein label. Keep in mind that there can be up to 10% shrinkage in the natural dye process

Natural dyes on silk

Clearance Yarns et al

These items are reduced due to slight imperfections (eg spin, tie marks. No refunds on these yarns.

Undyed Yarns

Here are some of the yarn bases I use for dyeing. Perfect for that white or undyed project´┐Ż.or dye your own!

Cotton Towels and yardage

Here you will find beautiful cotton towels that are handwoven in bold colourways as well as neutrals with a hint of colour. Also available is yardage if you would like to make items of your own. Commissions also welcome.

Merino Wool Scarves

Merino Wool Shawls

Peace Silk Scarves

Peace Silk Shawls

Used Weaving Equipment

I am downsizing my weaving business so have a number of items listed in this category...and more that are unlisted. Please inquire if there is something you are interested in but it is not listed.

Organic Merino Blanket/Wrap

Wrap yourself in a warm loving hug from Mother Nature. The finest Merino wool I have found - hand-dyed with eco-friendly vinegar-exhaust dyes and softly felted for the comfiest and warmest blanket you may every experience! Dimensions 36 x 60" with generous twisted fringe....perfect for meditation, sarvasana (even covers your toes!) or just relaxing in front of the fire with a good book, The softness makes the blanket extra comfy and means gentle care of the blanket as it will pill with abrasion. It will felt more if put in the regular wash and dry cycle - so please care for this blanket as you would with all heirloom wool items to keep it lasting beautifully for years to come! I call it a blanket as it makes me feel like going to sleep but is a great size for an ample shawl as well.

Used Books and Stuff

This section is for used books some related to fibre and dyeing but others are homeopathy and other books. Shipping is for within Canada and the US (mainland).

Wool Blankets-Merino and Canadia

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