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About Indigo Moon

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." Gandhi
In 1999 Trish closed her business to start a new chapter in her life - with little formal training, relying instead on the muses "Instinct", Inspiration" and "Necessity" to guide her hand and eye. Currently, Trish’s studio is located on a lush Gulf Island in the Salishan Sea, between the mainland of BC and Vancouver Island.

Using only exquisite silks and the softest merino wools for dyeing, Trish draws on the colours of her garden and the forest around her. The resulting yarn palette is rich and jewel-like yet muted - infused with honey and earth tones.

Surrounded and inspired by the rich colours of Canada's West Coast, the "West Coast Musings" are wool yarns hand dyed over an open flame using a special technique that has taken years to create. The Merino and Blue-faced Leicester wools used for dyeing are superwash so are easy care and do not felt. Minerals found in the well water used for dyeing impart an earthy cast to all Indigo Moon Yarns.

Throughout the year Trish works most of the time dyeing yarns for crafters to use in creating their own works of art. This time is punctuated with commissions she hand weaves for clients. Winter Meditation shawls almost double the size of her regular Merino shawls; Commemoration Blankets woven to celebrate the life of loved ones who have passed on; OM Blankets woven to surround a person with healing energy during a long and/or terminal illness; and blankets (and pillow coverings) to compliment the decor of any room.

As a way to give back to my community a portion of all yarn sales are donated to the following non-profit organizations:


A bit about the yarns.

(all yardage is prior to dyeing so some shrinkage may occur as with all hand dyed yarns - also please be sure to make a generous gauge swatch with the superwash yarns as they tend to stretch after blocking as opposed to woolen yarns.)

"Island Time" is 100% superwash Merino Wool of the highest quality that is steamed to give a pearly sheen and twisted well to give great durability and bounce. The yarn is great for pretty much anything from hats and gloves to sweaters and scarves. 370 yards per 100 gm skein for the fingering wt and 200 yards per 115 gm skein for the worsted wt.

"Blue-faced Leceister Wool" is a lovely yarn that is finer and drapier than "Island Time" making it perfect for shawls and anything else you'd like to drape well. Sweaters and gloves fit really well with this yarn and it is great for socks too...so durable it doesn't even need nylon! Not as well known as Merino Wool, it is becoming more and more popular due to it's lustre and drape. 430 yards per 100 gm skein

"The Ultimate Merino Sock Yarn" is an awesome soft yet durable yarn base that is similar in thickness to "Island Time" - with 20% nylon added. It makes a soft and comfy sock. I waited years to find this blend that is as soft as the "Island Time" and holds it's shape better for socks ....you'll want a pair for every day! 420 yards per 115 gm skein

"The Ultimate Sock (fine)" is 25% nylon with a superwash wool blend that is hardier than Merino. Great for finer men's socks - and ladies who want a finer yarn than The Ultimate Merino Sock Yarn. 430 yards/100gm skein

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