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About Indigo Moon

...about my yarns...about my interests....about care for textiles...about my shows.


"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." Gandhi

....I'm getting closer to happiness every day!

Using only the finest wools for dyeing, Trish draws on the colours of her garden and the forest around her - the resulting yarn palette is rich and jewel-like yet muted - infused with honey and earth tones.

Trish considers the yarns she chooses to work with very carefully - being passionate about animal and environmental issues, she feels it is important to source products that help support and care for the animals, the people and the land.  

A calm and meditative environment is essential for Trish to create.  In fact, she credits “weaving meditation”  as THE key to the beauty of her creations and the comfort it brings to those that wear – and use – them.   Weaving and dyeing from the heart – this is her gift to you.  Trish visits the mainland a couple of times a year for shows, but the rest of the time is spent creating art and possibilities in the quiet, healing space of her gulf island home.


Indigo Moon yarns and handwoven textiles....rich, bold, beautiful colours...positively West Coast!



As a way to give back to my community a portion of all yarn sales are donated to the following non-profit organizations:













A bit about the yarns.

(all yardage is prior to dyeing so some shrinkage may occur as with all hand dyed yarns - also please be sure to make a generous gauge swatch with the superwash yarns as they tend to stretch after blocking as opposed to woolen yarns.)

"Island Time" is 100% superwash Merino Wool of the highest quality that is steamed to give a pearly sheen and twisted well to give great durability and bounce. The yarn is great for pretty much anything from hats and gloves to sweaters and scarves. 370 yards per 100 gm skein for the fingering wt and 200 yards per 115 gm skein for the worsted wt.

"Blue-faced Leceister Wool" is a lovely yarn that is finer and drapier than "Island Time" making it perfect for shawls and anything else you'd like to drape well. Sweaters and gloves fit really well with this yarn and it is great for socks too...so durable it doesn't even need nylon! Not as well known as Merino Wool, it is becoming more and more popular due to it's lustre and drape. 430 yards per 100 gm skein

"The Ultimate Merino Sock Yarn" is an awesome soft yet durable yarn base that is similar in thickness to "Island Time" - with 20% nylon added. It makes a soft and comfy sock. I waited years to find this blend that is as soft as the "Island Time" and holds it's shape better for socks ....you'll want a pair for every day! 420 yards per 115 gm skein


Why no cashmere or angora?  Handspinners have access to their own angora and cashmere which they can hand brush from their rabbits and goats.  However for commercial processing the factory farming methods are so brutal for angora rabbits that I can't bare to carry it.  The cashmere also incurs huge environmental destruction.  Although wool is not without it's ethical and carbon footprint.....the Merino and BFL wools I carry,  are the best the World has to offer at this time. :)


Care instructions for textiles.


Handwoven Canadian Wool Blankets- dry clean or wash as for wool with a no-rinse wool wash and no agitation. Just soak and then hit spin.  Remover from washer gently as wet wool may stretch.  Lay flat to dry.  No dryer.

Handwoven Superwash Merino Wool scarves, shawls and blankets-dry clean of wash on gentle cycle with no-rinse wool wash, spin and place in dryer gently (as wool may stretch when wet).  Do not over-dry.  Press if desired.

Cotton towels wash and dry as for cotton.  Press if desired.




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